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About the Logistics Emergency Teams

Logistics Emergency Teams deploy worldwide upon request from the United Nations Global Logistics Cluster.

Logistics Emergency Teams are provided pro bono by Agility, AP Möller-Maersk, TNT and UPS, four leading logistics companies. Facilitated by the World Economic Forum, the companies joined forces to help the humanitarian sector with emergency response to large-scale natural disasters.

Logistics Emergency Teams (LETs) have a solid track record of deployments, based on agreed mechanisms and strong relationships with the UN's Global Logistics Cluster, led by the World Food Programme (WFP).

LETs’ support through pre-agreed operating procedures and training includes:

- Logistics specialists (e.g. airport coordinators, airport managers and warehouse managers)

- Logistics assets (e.g. warehouses, trucks, forklifts)

- Logistics services (e.g. airlift, trucking, customs management)

In 2008-2013, LETs deployed in the Philippines, Mozambique, Myanmar, Haiti, Indonesia, Pakistan & Chile. LETs have also carried out Logistcs Preparedness Assessments in several high-risk areas around the world on behalf of the cluster. Around 150 trained volunteers are currently on standby.




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“Disasters and the breakdown of a society’s infrastructure are revealing reminders of the importance of logistics infrastructure, which in daily life is taken for granted.”

- Wolfgang Herbinger, Director, World Food Programme Logistics Division